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Arg-Phe-Amide RFamide Related Peptidesblog_1.jpg
FMRF-amide-related peptides (FaRPs) are small peptides of 4–18 amino acids with RFamide (arg-phe-NH2) at the C terminus. Aside from the known function of regulating feeding, FMRF amide related peptides have been found to stimulate growth hormone release in amphibians; modulate central serotonergic transmission, the opioid systems and pain regulation in vertebrates; and produce antipsychotic-like effects when centrally administered in rodents.
Product Name CAT No. Purity Chemical Structure
26Rfa, Hypothalamic Peptide, human ONP10049 ≥98%
For research only, not for human use!
Phe-Met-Arg-Phe ONP10050 ≥98%
For research only, not for human use!
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